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Wear Your Culottes in Style Without Looking and Feeling Awkward

Culottes are not pants or skirts but more of something in between. If you love culottes, you surely know that this throwback to the trendy 70s has experienced resurgence today. The only problem, however, is that wearing culottes can be a bit awkward if you aren’t too careful. Below are a few style tips to help you pull off your outfit every time you wear culottes.

Say No to Anything Bulky
Pleats or soft folds in the legs might look lovely but be careful if they go towards your waist. Bulky materials or excessive details at the waist will only add pounds, something you wouldn’t want if you don’t have a very slim waist. Culottes with heavy pleats will also make you look bigger than you actually are. Petite ladies might want to go with slimmer culottes and ensure that the pant legs are not that long to the point that your legs are drowned in them.

Look Chic with Skirt-Like Culottes
Culottes are known for their unique shape and can make you either fabulously chic or downright frumpy with nothing in between. The hottest and most elegant way of pulling off this trend is to opt for culottes with flowy feel or look and full in the legs. Culottes are like swingy, full, and long skirts with a more modern twist.

Mind Your Top
Finding the perfect top that will go with these statement-making pants might be a bit tricky. The number one rule here is to ensure that you pick a top with less volume than your culottes. It will ensure that you don’t like you don’t have a waist and prevent you from drowning in fabric.

Make your culottes more sophisticated by pairing this with a refined and slim top such as a silky blouse. If you are a sporty type, a button-up and structured style shirt can create that wonderful contrast of soft and hard lines between the bottom and half of your ensemble. You can also wear cropped sweaters ending at your waist but this is only if you got a flat tummy.

To Tuck or Not to Tuck?
It would be flattering to tuck or half tuck if you will wear a blouse or shirt. This is the easiest way of showcasing the shape of your culottes and achieving that hourglass shape. For ladies with some tummy, you can wear a sweater tucked out stopping above the hipbone.

Other ladies might go longer although it might be tricky. Those who are slim and are wearing a more streamlined sweater that is not baggy or big, this can work. Just be careful to avoid creating a wide top and bottom silhouette that could make look like a large box.

Pick the Right Shoes
Culottes tend to stop halfway down the calf, making your legs seem heavy so be sure that you pair them with heels that can lengthen your leg line. Strappy heels, pumps, or sexy booties are your best choices here. You can also wear a comfortable and affordable pair of low kitten heels. Even the smallest lift can do wonders in making your leg longer and making you look slimmer and taller.