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Top 8 Plastic Surgery Procedures In Korea

South Korea is internationally recognized for plastic surgery procedures. It has the highest number of cosmetic procedures, with more than 600 surgery clinics solely in Seoul. Next, we will talk about the top 8 popular plastic surgery procedures besides surgeries such as breast augmentation and thread lift Korea is famous for.

Chin Augmentation
Chin Augmentation is a surgery done to achieve a more angular face shape, and can be done through implants or fillers. Experts advise opting for this procedure with a rhinoplasty to get more balanced features. This surgery can be done using prosthetic implants or implants from the pelvis or rib cage of the patient. During the procedure, the patient can be awake or asleep, but after the procedure, the patient will go through swelling around the chin for 5-7 days.

Hair Transplant
As understandable by its name, hair transplant is a procedure in which someone else’s hair is transplanted on the patient’s head. People who opt for this surgery have gone through hair loss, don’t have enough hair, or have receding hairlines. This surgery can be performed by uniting hair follicles to the area you want.

Double Eyelid Surgery
The double eyelid Surgery is a type of surgery in which upper eyelid creases are formed. It is considered one of the most common aesthetic surgeries in East Asia. Certain people are born with a single lid or a monolid (without eyelid creases), and some are born with double eyelids (visible eyelid creases). In this surgery, the excessive tissues are repositioned or removed to achieve double eyelids.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that reshapes the nose by changing the bone, cartilage, and the skin. Koreans undergo this procedure to achieve a more symmetric nose, which is considered a beauty trait. However, in western countries, rhinoplasty is opted to get a smaller nose.
The rhinoplasty process is to repair a broken nose from injury and reduce breathing difficulties.

Forehead Augmentation

Forehead Augmentation is for people who are not satisfied with the shape of their forehead and desires to reshape it. This surgery requires implants of silicone beneath the skin. It’s a general surgery that lasts for about an hour and can give the patient a desirable forehead.

Teeth Capping
Also known as “veneers” or dental crown, this procedure involves placing a thin layer of porcelain on the teeth to guard them against discoloration. Teeth capping works on the same idea as false nails. This process requires an impression of the teeth so that the porcelain can be designed with the perfect alignment with the teeth. Teeth capping can be opted for multiple reasons, including supporting a bridge in the mouth, protecting damaged teeth, or improving the teeth’ appearance.

Canthoplasty is a surgery that reshapes and enlarges the eye size. In this process, the eyelids’ corners are sliced to make the eyes look more prominent. 80% to 90% of people who go through double-eyelid surgery also choose this surgery as it involves removing “epicanthal folds” to make the corners of the eyes softer.

V-Line Jaw Reduction
In Korea, people consider the “V” face as the best face shape. V-line jaw reduction, also known as mandibuloplasty, involves removing parts of your jawbone and chin so the jawbone will eventually heal and grow in a pointy “V” shape.