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Tips for Selecting Corporate Holiday Gifts

In addition to being a useful and attractive product for those who receive it, a business gift also has other purposes. It can be used to publicise your brand, achieve loyalty from existing customers, and provide added value to whoever receives it. Since it is just before the end of the year, it is one of the busiest times for most employees, managers and staff of most companies. They are engaged in meeting deadlines before the closing days of the company for Christmas and New Year, and resolve pending issues before going on vacation, among other important things. In addition to all these tasks, it is usually the company’s tradition to select corporate presents for both employees and clients, and this requires a lot of attention.

Tips for selecting corporate holiday gifts

We can’t give tips for solving the other office hustle, but if there’s one thing we understand, it’s about corporate gifts. Therefore, we will be providing tips to help you select the right gifts for the company’s employees and customers. The focus must be on giving the right image while selecting practical, inspiring, and eye-catching products. For that reason, we will present several recommendations to achieve them.

Do not leave for the last hour
Certainly, December will be very busy, and in order not to end up deciding to give a panettone to all employees and customers, it is best to make advance purchases. Take advantage of the fact that the rush has not really started, to calmly research and get quotations. In addition, if you choose personalized gifts (which is the best option), it is necessary to order in advance.

Gifts for employees
If you work closely with your employees and know more about their daily lives, it is easier to identify what each area needs. As we have already said, it is difficult to give a different gift to each person, the way out is to choose a product to give to each sector. For example, since the communication department usually makes many trips, it is practical to give a backpack or traveller’s pouch to employees in that area. As for the accounting staff, you can choose to give a suitcase (which many use) or an executive briefcase.

Gifts for customers
It is nice for customers if you give them something different and more sophisticated, and better still, get them something that will make them remember the company’s brand. One of the coolest ideas is to put together a kit. For example, you can send in a stylish box, a bottle of drink, with a drink holder. Another tip is also to talk to those who have more contact with customers and understand what would be more interesting to give as gifts.

Personalized gifts
Giving something unique is a great differentiator, and especially for customers, it is a way of showing attention and care. Personalized gifts such as funny t shirts for men and women, with interesting inscriptions and your logo can be a form of promotion. Your employees and clients will use the company’s branded products on a daily basis. This is a way to advertise the brand, free of charge, and chances are someone will research it.