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Tips for Choosing the Right Macbook Battery Replacement Time

Apple has been making computers for decades and is one of the most popular brands in the market. Consumers love them because they are easy to use and have a sleek design. One of the disadvantages that consumers may find with Apple products is their battery life over time. Many people have found that their battery needs replacement after only a few years of use.

Importance of Macbook Battery
Apple uses batteries with a low-cost manufacturing process that are designed to last for the lifetime of the product. The battery in your MacBook will charge fully when you plug it into a power outlet and then discharge as it runs out of power. The computer can then use its Power Adapter, plugged into an electrical outlet, as an external power supply and recharge the internal battery. A MacBook battery will only need to be replaced if it has been damaged or is no longer functioning properly. Some of the reasons your Macbook may require a new battery will be covered in the rest of the article.

Signs Your Macbook Battery is in Dire Need of Replacement
The battery is one of the most important parts of a laptop. One of the first signs that your battery needs replacement is that your laptop cannot hold its charge for long. Another sign is a change in the operating system’s power management settings.

Macbook batteries don’t last forever. Primarily because they have limited cycles before they start degrading from full capacity to below 80%. A majority of users are unaware that their Macbook battery needs replacement when your laptop’s battery won’t show the correct level of power on your laptop. When this happens, it may be time to replace the battery.

Another problem with MacBook batteries is that they do not last very long in comparison to other laptops on the market today and so many people end up having to replace them prematurely due to hardware issues like a depleted battery and an electrical system that has gone bad over time.

If you notice any of these other signs, it may also be time to change out that old and dying Macbook battery:

– Battery not charging when computer is plugged in
– Laptop suddenly shutting down
– Battery draining quickly
-Battery has a higher than normal discharge rate.

Ways to Conserve and to Extend Macbook Battery Life
The old type of Macbook batteries was replaced by a lithium polymer battery which has better performance and less weight. There are many reasons why your battery might need replacement, but there are some basic things you can do to extend its life. For example, you can turn off any unused programs and features, avoid running too many programs at once, and set up power saving mode when you are using your Macbook.

MacBooks have a feature called Power Nap that updates apps and data while it’s plugged in. You may want to disable this to conserve some of the battery life while you’re working on your laptop. If you are connecting your MacBook to an external power source, we recommend doing so when it’s at 100% charge for best results.