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The Key Differences Between Private and Group Tuition

Every year, there are thousands of anxious parents who look for tutors who can help their children who are having a hard time with academics. As far as tutoring is concerned, there has been a long hot debate on which is more effective for kids. Would it be private tutoring or group tuition? To give you a good idea, here is an overview of these two choices:

Group Tuition
When it comes to group tuition, one or more tutors teach a specific number of students instead of the entire class. A common misconception about group tuition is that this is similar to a cattle farm in which is it easy for learners to get lost in the mob. But the truth here is that unlike crowded tuition centers, each tutor in group tuition handles only a maximum of 8 students. This means that all students still gets to enjoy one on one attention aside from the benefit of working with a group.

As long as the right tutor is on the helm, group tuition sessions offer learners the chance to have academic and social development. The learners in the small group feel safer when it comes to answering questions and taking risks and this is a big incentive in itself. Group tuition also comes with combined study. Learners can discuss about different concepts, work together in teams, and find solutions. It can help improve their social skills like communication aside from fostering teamwork.

Also, being able to see their peers’ exam results can also help improve their confidence. The mere fact that your fellow student has gotten good scores in an exam can reinforce that belief that you will also be able to get better grades. This then leads to a healthy and friendly competition among the peers.

Private Tuition
For parents who prefer a more focused learning experience for their children, you can consider one on one or private tuition. This form of tutoring involves your child and one tutor. This individualized learning experience offers many benefits.

Students who find it hard to grasp formulas and concepts require more individualized attention that can only be obtained from private tuition lessons. The tutor will first perform a dynamic assessment to determine the student’s learning speed and the topics that they might find it hard to understand.

The result of the assessment will be used to customize the lessons and teaching methods and adjust the speed of teaching to meet the student’s specific needs. The top advantage of private tuition is the fact that parents will be able to track and observe their child’s progress. You can also ask the tutor for some feedback about the growth of your child.

There are students who are not comfortable with asking questions when around their peers. Even if they have some queries, they just stay silent. It also shows lack of confidence and self esteem, particularly for slow learners. Through private tuition, the child can raise questions to the tutor with no need to worry about their peers since no one is around to judge them.

Whether you go for private or group maths, science or english tuition, you can be sure that you can still give your children the best education possible to help them in the future.