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Makeup Hack for Dewy, Winterproof Skin

Women all around the world know the importance of applying makeup the right way to look elegant and beautiful. However, what if it is the winter season, and you are not so sure how to wear makeup that will last and still make you look gorgeous? Don’t worry, because we got you covered with advice from Rihanna’s own makeup artist.

If you can take your attention off Rihanna’s music, relationships, and popularity, here is some winter-specific advice from her makeup artist, Priscilla Ono. A global makeup artist at Fenty Beauty since the brand’s inception, Priscilla Ono has always been generous with her advice and frequently referred to the hacks she used on her most famous client.

An interview she once did was no exception when she chatted with HelloGiggles at Sephoria, Sephora’s very own beauty event, and she consulted on her advice to get red-hot in cold weather, which tends to dry us out. First, she admits that most of us are more likely to go for hydrating foundations, but there is also one major downside: they won’t last if you’re constantly switching from cold outside air to artificial heat. Up to this point, matte formulas can be extremely dry. So what does a guy or a girl do? According to Ono, you have to mix things up. specifically your skin care and coverage.

She said that one of her hacks is that she always mixes up a bit of face cream or face oil. She extremely loves and adores face oils. She likes putting two drops of face oils in her foundation, mixing it and applying it to the face. She swears that your skin will look gorgeous if you follow this routine.

There is also the option of using primer, which has long been discussed as an absolutely necessary or optional product. Ono seems to agree with the latter, unless you want that longwear effect. In this case, prepare yourself before covering. And if you want a lighter second skin feel, mix it with your foundation before applying.

Ono added that one little trick she does for something lighter on the skin is that she mixes fifty percent foundation and fifty percent foundation, and it works almost like a tinted moisturizer. She went to say that she noticed this everywhere and it gives her a really nice, easily portable foundation. She also claimed to have done this a couple of times on Rihanna too.

The result is a not completely complete coverage that doesn’t feel too heavy, yet still provides a light, glowing surface. If it’s approved by Rihanna, we’ll definitely try.