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Is it Possible to Exercise After Cosmetic Surgery?

Exercise and high intensity cardio activities are integral in improving the quality of your health and life. But what if you choose to improve your overall body by going for bone surgery? Will you be able to resume your normal exercise routine after your bone surgery? This is one of the primary concerns of most fitness enthusiasts whenever they intend to pursue bone surgery. They are afraid that they will not be able to resume their exercise routines, keep up their fitness and maintain their health, after the surgery ends.

Can you Resume your Exercise Routine After Surgery?
The basic answer is yes, you can resume exercise after surgery. But before you jump out in joy and start thinking you can exercise vigorously after your surgery, you need to consider certain precautions to avoid harm to your body. So read the rest of the article to find out what types of exercise you can do.

When is the Best Time to Resume Exercise After Surgery?
Before we dwell on the suitable time frames to resume the different types of exercise, you need to understand that there are certain types of exercise routines that are permitted, while there are also others that you should put on hold immediately after surgery. This is to avoid the risks of complications and damage to your body.

With that said, please take note that you can actually do simple exercises like slow walks about a week or so after you recover from your surgery. In fact, slow walks actually help to facilitate healthy blood circulation and minimise the risk of blood clots forming in your body. However, you should avoid contact sports such as soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, netball and more, for at least 6 months after your surgery ends. This is to give your body sufficient time to heal, and avoid any complications or infections from happening.

Here are some useful tips you can consider if you intend to exercise pre and post surgery.

  • Carry out your exercise regimes and provide your body with ample training at least four to six weeks pre surgery.
  • Observe the 10% rule when embarking on any exercise routine. Always endeavour to only increase your exercise up to that limit each and every week.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient time to recover during the recovery period of 4 weeks, as you will most probably feel weak and lose strength during that period.
  • Only resume your intensive exercise routines after 6 months or more, so that your body has sufficient time to heal, and you can avoid weakening your body’s resilience.

How quickly you can resume all your strenuous exercise regime depends very much on the bone surgery you have undergone, and your body’s ability to recuperate post surgery. If done right, exercise can lead to positive improvements in your body and improve overall health, after your surgery. If you are interested about chiropractic treatment instead of surgery, then check out Arc of Life on their Facebook.