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How to Spot When it is Time for MacBook Battery Replacement

The MacBook is a line of Apple Macintosh computers. The first generation MacBook was released on May 16, 2008. Macbook is one of the best laptops in the market, with a variety of features to match your demand. On average, the cost of a Macbook is $1,299 for the 12 inch model and $1,799 for the 13 inch model. The prices go up for more storage capacity and faster processors. Batteries in MacBooks have a typical life span of five years. Apple says that the battery has an expected cycle count of 1000 cycles to 80%.

How a Macbook Battery Functions
A Macbook battery is a rechargeable power supply that provides electrical power or electricity to the laptop and is powered by your laptop when you plug it in. The process of charging the
MacBook is quite simple: you plug your MacBook into an outlet with the adapter, and leave it plugged in until it’s fully charged. The current will flow from the outlet into your MacBook charger, through a connector cable, and all the way to your Mac.

Let’s look at how to spot the time when your Macbook is due for a battery replacement.

Battery Needs to Be Plugged in for an Awfully Long Period of Time
One of the most common reasons that a Macbook’s battery might need replacing is when it needs to be plugged in more than half of the day to work normally. If you find yourself needing to plug in your laptop more than half of the day, then you may want to check that you’re not experiencing any other issues with your laptop which may be causing its battery life to decrease.

Battery Displaying Wrong Power Levels
If your battery won’t show the correct level of power on your laptop, it is time to replace it. If you are experiencing a shorter run time with your Macbook, this could be because your battery needs replacement.

Battery Does Not Charge Despite Being Plugged In
If the battery is not charging when the laptop is plugged in, if your laptop’s battery suddenly drains quickly or if the laptop shuts down unexpectedly, it may be time to replace your battery.

Hardware Issues With Battery or Electrical System Start to Occur
The Macbook battery needs replacement when there are hardware issues with the battery or electrical system. This can happen after an incident of sudden power loss when the battery is not fully charged.

Capacity of Battery Reaches Low Levels
The Apple Macbook battery needs to be replaced when the capacity of the battery has decreased by 50% or when it reaches critically low levels and there is no way for it to power your computer.. This will prevent you from running into catastrophic failures that can be caused by a lithium ion battery.

A Macbook is a great laptop for creatives who need to produce things on their own because they are powerful, portable, and last long enough to do your work without having to worry about finding an outlet. We recommend getting your MacBook checked out by Apple or by an authorized service provider or an expert if you notice any problems with your battery health. We also recommend you read our other article on the Reasons Why You Need a Macbook Battery Replacement.