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Cake Shops in Singapore That Cater to all your Birthday Cake Needs

A birthday will not be complete if there is not birthday cake. It is like a one of the must haves, if not the only thing that you must have during your birthday celebration. Having a birthday cake is a tradition for ages that you should not miss wherever you are in any part of the world. If you are in Singapore, there are so many bakeshops to choose from. It’s up to you where you want to buy birthday cakes singapore, whether it is custom made or not. Here are some of the known bakeshops in Singapore that can cater you with your birthday cake needs.

Zee and Elle
A good birthday cake must be presented well. Zee and Elle is a cake shop in the middle of simple neighborhood, yet their cakes have impressive packaging and presentation. One of their best seller is their passionfruit cake which you can give to the birthday celebrant, especially if the celebrant is a fan of fruity cakes.

Lana Cakes
Lana cakes has been one of the oldest brand of cake in Singapore. Established around 1964, they have perfected their chocolate cake, and has been part of many occasions such as birthdays. Their chocolate cakes are made of chocolate sponge cake and chocolate fudge frosting. This may sound simple but sometimes, simple has the best taste.

There is a classic rivalry of bakeshops between Lana Cakes and Vicky’s. Both of them specialized with simple yet delicious cakes. You just have to choose depending on your preference and cravings. Vicky’s also offers different flavored cakes aside from their classic chocolate cakes.

Rich and Good Cake Shop
Do you want a classic good old swiss rolls? Or you just want some classic favorite such as pandan chiffon cake? Then you can go to Rich and Good cake shop. This shop may have a classic and limited menu, but they it is definitely something worth visiting if you are having a celebration or just plain craving. Their Kaya Swiss Rolls is one of their best sellers, so make sure to check that out if you’re going to visit.

The Dark Gallery
If you love chocolates, and you want something chocolate-y for your birthday, you can check out The Dark Gallery. Nobody should be allowed to mock you for eating too much chocolate on your birthday. The Dark Gallery specializes on cakes that are made out of chocolates with European brand. Whether it is an ice cream cake or non ice cream, The Dark Gallery can deliver a tasty cake for your birthday.

There are so many options out there aside from the mentioned popular store. It’s up to you what are your preference. Some may like it very sweet, and some may like it not to sweet at all. You might want to also check out a local baker in your neighborhood. This will enable you to discover some hidden gems around your area. Aside from that you will help a small business owners in their businesses.