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5 Common Reasons Why You Need a Macbook Battery Replacement

The Macbook is a line of laptop computers made by Apple. They were first introduced in the year 2008 and they have since become the highest-selling laptop line in the world. One of the reasons Macbooks are so popular is due to its battery efficiency. Compared to other laptops, Macbook batteries are the most efficient, since they use less power to operate for longer periods of time. On average, a Macbook battery has a shelf life of about 500 charges, and each charge will last about 10-12 hours.

However, despite the efficiency of a Macbook battery, there will come a time when you will eventually need to replace it. Here are 5 common reasons why you need a macbook battery replacement.

Macbook not charging or doesn’t charge at all
The most common issue with charging your MacBook is that it might simply need a new battery or the charging cord might be damaged. MacBooks are not designed to be plugged in and used indefinitely. When your MacBook is plugged in, the battery is constantly charging even if you’re using your laptop. This can cause the battery to wear down prematurely.

Macbook battery has a higher than normal discharge rate
There is a high chance your Macbook battery needs replacement when your battery has a higher than normal discharge rate. At a higher discharge rate, the battery may experience early shutdowns. A higher discharge rate might also indicate that your computer is overheating or drawing too much current from the laptop’s battery.

You have to plug in your laptop more than half the day to get through a workday
The first indication that a Macbook battery needs replacement is the sudden and uncharacteristic inability to get through a day of use without needing a charge. This may be because the battery has been used for too long and its chemical composition is deteriorating. The lifespan of a Macbook’s battery is dependent on usage habits and environmental conditions. For most people, it could range from three to five years before they need a replacement. But once you have to constantly plug in your laptop to get through a workday, it’s high time you get a battery replacement.

Battery won’t show the correct level of power on your laptop
When your Macbook battery needs replacement, it will not show the correct level of power on your laptop. One of the most common reasons for this is that your battery has reached its end-of-life and cannot function as efficiently as before.

Other hardware or software issues with the battery or electrical system of your laptop
There are many other different reasons why your Macbook battery needs to be replaced, such as software or hardware problems with the battery or electrical system related issues. One way to identify the issue is by testing the Macbook battery with an app called “iStat Menus.” It will let you know if there are any discrepancies with your MacBook Pro’s electrical system. If the hardware, software or electrical system is not the issue, then your battery is probably just old and needs to be replaced.

If you are experiencing any of these issues mentioned, then you should contact Apple or a local computer repair store in Singapore to find out how to get your battery replaced. is one of the most trusted computer repair stores when it comes to macbook battery replacement and a host of other computer related issues.